Woman enrages French people after sharing ‘Parisian’ way to eat a croissant

A woman has enraged the French after sharing the ‘Parisian’ way to eat a croissant – as one person labelled her technique ‘a crime’.

Carolin Lauffenberger, a social media influencer, took to Instagram to share the way she eats the French delicacy, and in the clip she’s sat at a cafe with a cappuccino on her table.

She then takes the croissant and dips it into her coffee, which Carolin insists is how French people eat their croissants – but apparently that’s not so.

Her post on Instagram attracted a lot of comments from French nationals complaining about the way Carolin mistreated the croissant, with one saying the technique would have made their grandmother cry.

Carolin’s video had over 97,000 likes after it was shared by Parisian blog @ParisSnobiety who wrote “How do you eat your croissant?”

One user commented: “Please don’t do that.

“I once saw an American do this at Les Deux Magots, my grandmother almost shed a tear.”

And another added: “Hum NO??!! Wrong.”

Whilea third added: “That’s a crime, madam.”

“Un français ne fait pas tremper les croissants mais les tartines au beurre,” added a third, which translates to “a French person does not soak croissants but toasts them in butter.”

But not everyone disagreed with Carolin, as some said that they too dip pastry into coffee – but they would usually tear a bit off and do it one bite at a time.

One Instagram user added: “For all the ones that think that it isn’t normal, every French person does it, we take pain au chocolat or croissant and we put it in coffee/hot chocolate before eating it.”

And another wrote: “Yes! Another pastry dipper.”