Pomsky filmed losing her mind and going berserk at mere hint of ‘walkies’

Some dogs are more fond of walks than others, but the crown for most excited about exercising may have just been taken.

Many dogs will catch on rather swiftly when it’s time for walkies, but this pup takes the cake in that respect.

Sapphie the pomsky showed off both her keen ear and her fast feet in this hilarious clip, which showed just how excited she gets at the prospect of being taken on a walk.

The cute canine can’t contain her elation the second her owners even begin to mention a walk, dashing around the room as soon as she hears the magic words.

Sapphie only needs to hear the word “do” before she is off, leaping down from the sofa and spinning around to listen to her owners complete their question.

As the pomsky’s owners continue to ask the all important question, taking it in turns to utter a word, Sapphie’s excitement is written all over her face.

By the time her owners have finished asking “do you want to go for a walk?” the hyper pup has already sprinted off screen in preparation as she begins going berserk.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @sapphie_the_pomsky, was a smash hit on the video sharing platform, with over 12 million views and almost 800,000 likes.

Viewers were clearly amused by Sapphie’s antics, with one user commenting: “Haha as soon as she heard ‘do’ she got the zoomies!”

Another commenter wrote: “She was already outside walking herself before y’all finished asking her.”

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A third added: “She’s like you don’t need to say it let’s go…”

Pomskies as a breed are described by Dog Time as playful, silly and suited to apartment life, although clearly Sapphie loves to get out of the apartment.