Dog has people in hysterics with ‘walk of shame’ after causing chaos with huge stick

This hilarious video shows the moment a dog excited about a huge stick ran through the house – promptly knocking all the bottles of alcohol off a shelf.

The clip of the clumsy dog, Sadie Mae, was shared to TikTok and it shows her first trying to get through the door but the stick is too wide.

It catches on either side of the door, but eventually she figures it out and squeezes in – and excitedly runs to the other side of the house.

But as she does, Sadie Mae runs behind the sofa and the end of her stick knocks all the alcohol bottles off a nearby shelf – and now TikTok users are enamoured by the adorable dog.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by user @itzwurthit, was a huge hit on the app, with over 5.3 million views and over 756,000 likes.

One user commenting: “Their walk of pride turned into the walk of shame really fast poor pup.”

Another commenter wrote: “Hahahaha the reaction is so funny.”

A third added: “She ran away then came back like who did that?”

Meanwhile, a woman said her life was changed when she rescued a dog with a ‘giraffe neck’ that taught her how to hope again – as her new pet pooch had survived ‘hell’ and came out smiling.

Brodie is an Azawakh, which is a breed similar to a greyhound or whippet, and he was rescued by Louisa Crook as a puppy after he was hit by a car and then neglected.

After the incident, Brodie had to have one front leg and shoulder amputated which accentuated his already long neck, which is a trait of the breed.

Louisa shared a video of her pet pooch online and said that he’s the ‘most beautiful dog’ she has ever laid eyes on and that she loves him for his unique features.